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Our Services

Internal Control

  • Drafting and set-up of Corporate Governance framework

  • Preparation of the CSSF licensing file and walkthrough until the licence is obtained 

  • Preparation and assistance for CSSF onsite visits on specific topics (governance, AML/CFT, risk management, depositary, etc.)

  • Performance of CSSF mock onsite visits and identification of areas of improvements in anticipation of regulator's visits

  • Audit Committee assistance

  • Drafting of tailored internal policies and procedures (Finance policies, AML/CFT policies, Governance policies, Terms of references of governance bodies, Risk Management policies, Delegates monitoring policies, Distribution/Marketing policies, etc.)

  • Assistance in the design and implementation of initial and ongoing Delegates Due Diligence questionnaires

  • Design of Anti-Fraud frameworks

  • Assistance in the context of regulatory Due Diligences to be performed in the context of Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Performance of Corporate Governance reviews and internal control GAP analysis (internal control framework versus expected controls)

  • Performance of regulatory GAP analysis (internal control framework versus regulatory requirements)

  • Assistance with respect to due diligences to be performed on delegates/outsourcees (initial due diligences/ongoing Due diligences/onsite due diligence testing frameworks)

  • Assistance in Finance interim management engagements (FinRep, CoRep, SGOrep, own funds requirements periodic monitoring)

  • RC mandates & Independent Directorship mandates

Internal Audit


  • Preparation of triennial Audit Plans and Charter

  • Full performance of internal audit assignments for Luxembourg based regulated entities in line with CSSF regulatory requirements (for specialized PSFs, Investment Management PSFs, Support PSFs, Payment PSFs and Electronic money institutions, Corporate and Private Banks, Management Companies/AIFMs, Funds’ distributors, Depositary banks, Insurance companies, etc.)

  • Outsourcing of legal and regulatory audits to be performed on a yearly basis (ICAAP reviews, depository reviews, MIFID reviews, remuneration policies reviews, etc.)

  • Development of internal audit programs tailored to the clients’ specific risks/needs

  • Internal Audit training on IIA standards and Internal Audit methodology

  • Periodic assessment of Internal Audit function with respect to IIA standards


  • Support to the Internal Audit function of the clients where a specific expertise is required (AML, Finance, Risk Management, IT/Cybersecurity, Depositary, Fraud investigations, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Domiciliation, Fund Administration/Transfer Agent activities, Marketing/Distribution Audits, Outsourced services' reviews)

  • Yearly remuneration policies reviews/internal audit assignments

  • Yearly ICAAP/ILAAP reviews

  • Interim Management with respect to the Internal Audit function

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Risk Management

  • Set-up of a Risk Management function/framework

  • Draft/update/reviews of Risk Management policies, procedures and supporting documents

  • Support for the implementation of Risk Management mitigation plans

  • Performance of Risk Control Self-Assessment and set-up of KRIs

  • Tailor-made analysis of Own Funds monitoring requirements

  • Liquidity stress testing methodologies for Funds (scenariis, stress testing methodologies, reverse stress testing methodologies, etc.)

  • BCP/DRP reviews

  • Design or reviews of IT risk management policies/framework

  • Assistance and Preparation of ICAAP/ILAAP reports

  • Preparation of Risk Management reports as the final result of the assessment of risk management controls

  • Review of liquidity stress-testing programs,

  • Interim Management with respect to the Risk Management function

Ethics & Compliance

  • Assistance for implementation of new regulations (e.g. MiFiD II, GDPR, AML/CFT recent requirements, CSSF circular on Outsourcing, CSSF circular on Funds’ Central Administration .)

  • Support for the implementation of Compliance/AML-KYC-CFT mitigation plans

  • Assistance in drafting of AML/CFT policies/procedures, AML/CFT risk appetite/assessments, AML/CFT risk profiles and periodic RC reports

  • Performance of GAP analysis with respect to CSSF regulations / regulatory watch

  • Compliance/AML-CFT Remediation services/assistance following CSSF on-site visits

  • Design of Compliance Monitoring Plans/Programs

  • Performance of compliance testing programs to assist the compliance function

  • Assistance in Conflicts of Interests' Risk Management (design of the Conflict-of-interest register, scenarii analysis with respect to Conflict of interests, etc.)

  • Compliance Risk Assessment/Mapping

  • Independent Reviews of AML/CFT processes

  • Name and Targeted Financial Sanctions screening set-up and scope (Asset Screening approach, Investors/Intermediaries screening methodologies)

  • Review/set-up of MiFiD II appropriateness and suitability tests

  • Interim Management with respect to the Compliance/AML-CFT function

  • Performance of regulatory GAP analysis (internal control framework versus regulatory requirements)

  • Assistance with respect to due diligences to be performed on delegates/outsourcees (initial due diligences/ongoing Due diligences/onsite due diligence testing frameworks)

  • Design of Anti-Fraud frameworks

  • RC mandates (for Manco, AIFMss, Funds)

Shaking Hands



  • Presentation of legal framework (Law of November 12, 2004; Regulation 12-02 as amended)

  • Presentation of role and responsibilities of RR/RC

  • Concept of Ultimate Beneficial Owner

  • Sanctions regime and namescreening requirements

  • Concept of AML Risk Appetite and AML Risk Assessment

  • Due Diligence on Assets


  • Presentation of legal framework relating to the set-up of a Compliance function

  • Compliance Charter/Policy

  • Conflicts of interest monitoring and Conflict of Interest register

  • Whistleblowing

  • Compliance involvement in the delegates oversight processes

  • Outsourcing

  • Anti-Fraud framework


  • Compliance monitoring programs

  • Compliance periodic reporting

Risk Management

  • Regulatory context of the Risk Management function in Luxembourg;

  • Main models and tools for Risk Management;

  • Concept of Risk Appetite and Risk profiles (for Funds, Management Companies/AIFMs)


  • Risk Management periodic reporting (to regulators, RAR/RD for support PSFs)

Internal Audit

  • Presentation of legal framework relating to the set-up of an Internal Audit function

  • Content of Internal Audit charter

  • Drafting a pluriannual internal audit plan

  • Internal Audit risk assessment and risk scoring methodologies;

  • IIA standards

  • IT Audit

  • Sampling and testing methodologies

  • Internal Audit periodic reporting requirements (to governance bodies, to regulators)

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